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Carpet Cleaners Hartlepool

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Top Quality Carpet Cleaning For Less Than You Might Think

Looking for a carpet cleaning company in Hartlepool you can trust to give you the best possible results?

Great…you have come to the right place.

Over 10 years in business and after attending nearly every training course in the country you can be sure of the best possible service.

What is the main reason for wanting your carpets cleaned?

To Keep them In Good Condition – There is a saying…if you wait till your carpets are visibly dirty you’re waiting too long. The dirt and grit that accumulates in your carpet over time acts like sandpaper when you walk on it, wearing away at the fibres.

We can help…having your carpets professionally cleaned before they are visibly dirty will extend their life considerably.

Appearance – Dirty walkways, black spots that keep re-appearing, spills and spillages can all make your flooring look unsightly.

We can help – We guarantee to bring your floor back to its best possible condition.

Carpet  Stain or Odour Removal – Unsightly stains and unpleasant odours are our speciality. I must tell you that no one can guarantee to remove these. What I can guarantee though is if we can’t get them out…no one can.

There are many ways to clean a carpet and we have them all. Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) low moisture, dry, encapsulation.

After we identify your carpet fibres and construction we can then advise on the most appropriate method to give you the best possible results.

We can help… for carpet cleaning in Hartlepool Give Karl a call on 01429 480047  and make your house a home again.

Carpet Cleaners Hartlepool
Hartlepool Carpet Cleaning
Hartlepool Carpet Cleaners

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How We Clean Carpets

1 – Firstly we need to identify the fibres and construction of your carpet. This allows us to choose the most appropriate method, chemicals & solutions to give you the best possible results.

2 – Your carpets are pre-treated with specialist cleaning solutions. These loosen up and suspend the dirt, grit, alergens & pollens.

3 – Your carpet is now gently agitated to help the cleaning solution loosen and suspend the soiling ready for extraction.

4 – Hot water extraction or as it is sometimes known…steam cleaning.

This is where we use the Airflex Storm extraction machine pictured on this site. 1 of the UKs most powerful portable extraction machines.

All that loosened soiling, grit, dirt, pollens & alergens are flushed from your carpets. Dust mites are incinarated and your carpets fibres are deodorized and conditioned.

5 – Spots & Stains that havn’t been removed during the cleaning process are now treated individually.

No one can guarantee to remove all stains…however, what I can guarantee is, if I can’t get it out…no one can!

6 – Our machinery and cleaning process leaves your carpets dryer than anyone else. Where possible large airmovers or dri pods are used to aid drying even further.

Drying times are dependant on your carpet fibres and soiling levels.

7 – Grooming, your carpet is groomed to remove tool marks and leave it looking it’s best.

Carpet Cleaners Hartlepool
carpet cleaning Hartlepool
Hartlepool Carpet Cleaners

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Move Furniture?

It is always a bonus if you can but not always possible. I do ask that you move smaller items and and breakables such as vases etc. I will endevour to move all items where it is safe to do so. Sofas are moved out, cleaned behind and then placed back on protective tabs or foam blocks.

Is there a risk of shrinkage?

With some carpets…Yes. I personally have never shrank a carpet but I am fully trained with a decade of experience. I can identify these possible problems, advise, and adapt the cleaning process.

Are you fully insured?

Absolutely…I have never had to make an insurance claim but for your piece of mind I carry a fully bespoke £1 million pound insurance policy.

Will all the stains come out?

Unfortunately no one can guarantee this. The type of stain, carpet fibres and any diy attempts all factor into succesfull stain removal. However I have undertaken advanced stain removal training, together with many years of experience means I do have a great succes rate. I will do everything that is humanly possible. What I can guarantee is, If I can’t get it out…no one can.

Will my carpets get dirty quicker after cleaning?

When cleaned incorectly yes. I see this all the time from incompetant cleaning companies and diy cleaning attempts. I leave no dirt atracting sticky residues in your carpet. Also our hot water extraction machine has the power to safely flush your carpet using higher psi.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You will be delighted with our service just like the 100s and 100s of other satisfied customers in Hartlepool, or your money back.

Latest Machinery & Training

Using only the very best specialist floor machines, together with extensive training mean you get the best possible results.

Friendly, Honest & Reliable

FREE honest advice on any of your cleaning needs with no hard sell and no obligation.

The Best Results GUARANTEED

I personally guarantee that whatever surface we are cleaning we will get it back to the best possible condition. If anyone can improve on our work...I will refund your money.

No Mess, No Hassle Service

We leave no trace that we have have been working in your property, apart from a beautifully clean floor.

Local Family Run Business

Big enough to cope...small enough to care.

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