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Upholstery Cleaners Hartlepool

Looking for a professional upholstery cleaning service? Don’t fancy soggy wet sofas for days? Great…you have come to the right place. My names Karl Fox and i’ve been cleaning upholstery for 10 years now. Having attended nearly every upholstery cleaning course in the country and investing in top of the range machinery and solutions, you can be sure of the best possible service and results. Infact I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Heres How I Clean Your Sofas – 

1 – Firstly I need to identify the fabric. With so many different fabrics and mixes this is essential. Knowing what you are working on determines the correct machinery, method and solutions to use.  I have seen so many suites ruined by using the wrong cleaning method.

2 – Flooring is covered with sheets, although our tools do not overspray a belt and braces approach is always best. The solution most suitable to your fabric and soiling conditions is then applied to your sofas. This can be applied via sprayer, hand mit or foam.

3 – Your upholstery is now gently agitated by hand using tampico brushes. This massages the cleaning solution into the fibres and helps to loosen the dirt.

4 – Now we clean and rinse the dirt from the fabric using our airflex storm hot water extraction machine and low moisture tools.

5 – Your upholstery is now clean and fresh. Fabrics with a pile are now groomed and turbo dryers are used to keep drying times minimal.

" Their service is outstanding! "

- Ashley

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